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Registered Nutritionist

Nicole Camba, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, supports Metabolic Health, Mental Health, Weight Management, Blood Sugar, Hormones & Digestion.

“Our bodies have the amazing capability to recover when given the right support.”

"Nicole's a Game Changer!"

Highly-Acclaimed Nutritionist

  • After reaching a frustrating dead end with my doctor’s office about my ongoing digestive concerns, I reached out to Nicole for help. Not only was she able to identify the source of the issue immediately, she was amazing as she helped me work through fixing it. She tailored recipes for my (insanely) picky eating habits.  Nicole was there to guide me in the right direction for all 12 weeks we worked together.  As a result, not only did my issues resolve, I lost 15 lbs AND learned how to eat properly in a way that didn’t feel at all restrictive. It was Christmas and she even made sure I had my own variety of sweet treats so I wouldn’t feel like I was missing out. Above all  Nicole, you have been an absolute game changer, Thank You!​

    Katelynn from Newmarket

  • Huge BIG THANK YOU Nicole !! I’m so glad that I signed up for your Well Nourished Program and the 10 Day Sugar Detox, Beat The Cravings! Your suggestion with starting with the 10 Day Sugar Detox was instrumental in changing my eat habits and more importantly in improving my overall wellness. Who knew that sugar could play such havoc on my system? Seriously, I can’t believe how much better I feel as a result, and how much energy I have now (besides losing weight!). Your expert advice and coaching me through it (thank you for always answering my many questions) really inspired me on my wellness journey (both physically and mentally). Nicole, I truly appreciate your guidance and encouragement & definitely would not have been successful in accomplishing my weight loss and healthy nutritional goals without you!  Thank you, thank you!!!​

    Jo Anne from Newmarket

  • I have been working with Nutritionist Nicole Camba for about 3 and 1/2 months now and as a result I have seen huge improvements in overall health and well-being. She is open as well as honest and very easy to talk to.  Nicole genuinely cares how you’re doing. While she insists it’s me that has done all the hard work, it’s not something I could have done without the guidance. Tracking meals and meal planning is easy using the app and platform she uses. And, you have to ask her about the granola recipe it is seriously one of the best things I have ever made and ever eaten! Above all, people around me started noticing the changes in my body before I did. But the biggest changes I have noticed are more energy, better mood, better fitting clothes, and more confidence. Thank you Nicole, I could not have done it without you.​

    Erin from Newmarket

  • It was a pleasure working with Nutritionist Nicole Camba. The research and care that went into my report was evident. I appreciate the time she took to consider my overall health and well-being when she created my customized plan. Nicole’s thorough assessment of my wellness and diet resulted in a plan that I have truly enjoyed following. It has transformed how I feel. As a result of following her recommendations, I suffer from fewer migraine headaches, feel more consistent energy, exercise more creativity in the kitchen. My husband and I have both benefited tremendously from Nicole’s expertise, and can’t thank her enough.”​

    Renee from Toronto

  • Welcome into my life “Nicole” who has been amazing. She has provided me an education in nutrition, moral support, easy to follow and not overwhelming steps. I can go on and on about how amazing Nicole has changed my life. But the reality is that I had to be ready for this change. Turning 60 was a big reason, along with growing health concerns as my body is getting older and does not bounce back. So Thank you Nicole for such an amazing experience and I look forward to more of your wonderful wisdom in the Healthy side of this life.

    Gail from Newmarket

Registered Nutritionist
Nicole Camba

Registered Nutritionist Nicole Camba

4-Step, Exclusive, Results-Oriented Approach

Our bodies have the amazing capability to recover when given the right support and correct dietary modifications.  Moreover, the foods you eat have the power to help you live a longer, healthier life. Therefore, choose the right foods and you’ll fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to prevent nearly every disease and dysfunction. 

One of the best ways to improve your overall eating habits is to change your mindset about food.  Above all, revamp your attitude, and you can take a healthier approach to eating.

Changing your lifestyle should be doable, sensible, and essential for good health. It emphasizes nutrition and exercise. Lifestyle also addresses psychological factors because emotional and social health is associated with a reduced risk of disease and premature death.

The springboard for creativity facilitates progress toward goals, & increases well-being. People who were generally more inspired in their daily lives, as a result, tended to set inspired goals, which were then more likely to be successfully attained.

This Is What Nutritionist Nicole Does Best

Services Nicole Provides

The great benefit of coaching is that you are very likely to see quick, positive results as an outcome. This is because coaching is participative and people tend to learn and adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning process.  Nicole offers daily personalized coaching to help keep you accountable and on task.  CONTACT NICOLE TO LEARN MORE

My online programs keep you on track and accountable.  They are designed with improved health and weight loss in mind and come with meal plans, recipes and educational materials. Education is critical for success so these programs will teach you the foundations of good health. LEARN MORE

Health-specific ready-made meal plans to address areas of health interest.  They come with recipes, a weekly meal plan, a kitchen prep guide, a grocery list, and a bonus learning handout. LEARN MORE

The ultimate healthy eating strategy because weekly meal planning is done for you.  It takes away all the overwhelm of what to eat and how to eat healthily.  Monthly recipes, 4 weeks of suggested meal plans, pantry lists, bonus wellness guides, and weekly wellness lessons to keep you engaged, and learning about living a healthy lifestyle. LEARN MORE

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