Embracing Nutrient-Rich Beginnings in the New Year

Happy New Year! As we step into 2024, it's the perfect time to renew our commitment to health and well-being. January marks not just the beginning of a new year but also an opportunity to revitalize our bodies with nutrient-rich choices. Let's embark on a journey of nourishment and vitality together! In today's article I share some of my favourite strategies for starting a new year!

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Digestion Issues? Here’s What You Can Do to Tame Them

Good digestion. When it’s all working smoothly, we tend to take it for granted. But when things get out of balance it can quickly become all we think about. Heartburn, bloating, nausea, diarrhea - we may make jokes about them, but these symptoms of poor digestion can make us feel downright miserable. Digestive disorders have risen dramatically in recent years. Likely because our fast-paced lifestyles contain many elements that contribute to problems. The good news is it’s often possible to get your digestion back on track by implementing a handful of simple, lifelong habits.  In this week's blog we take a look at some ways you can figure out that funny tummy and feel confident that what you eat is truly nourishing your body.

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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside our comfort zone can can be a challenging experience, but it is also one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself by opening yourself up to new possibilities and ultimately, leading a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Check out my latest blog on the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone. I share my personal take on stepping outside my comfort zone and getting comfortable with the discomfort of taking those risks in life.

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Difficulty Sleeping? There’s More To It Than You Might Think

Adequate rest and sleep are paramount to your good health and, at the core, to basic survival.  When we are not sleeping well, during the day we may experience: Fatigue Restlessness Unease Melancholy Anxiety Irritability Depression Overwhelm Lack of motivation Over-sensitivity to stressors Poor work performance Daily tasks seem unusually difficult Headaches Digestive problems While having a poor night’s sleep isn’t fun for anyone, it generally isn’t a reason for concern. Not sleeping well does become an issue, however, if waking up tired every morning becomes the norm. In today's blog I discuss some of the underlying reasons you may have trouble sleeping and what you can do to improve your sleep.

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The 5 Keys To Staying Young

There is a general understanding that getting older means developing health complications. Osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, hearing loss and decreased stamina are often associated with aging. The question that remains is, is this physical decline inevitable? The answer is not necessarily. When it comes to healthy aging, lifestyle plays a role and although we may not be able to change genetics or random chance, a preventive lifestyle can make a big difference.

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Take Time For Yourself

It is important that while you are busy shopping, planning during the holidays, making sure your kids have enough activities to do, and you are getting all your cooking done, you still take time for yourself. By finding time to yourself that doesn’t involve anything to do with the holidays, you will relieve some of that holiday stress that is overwhelming you. Here are some simple ways to reduce your holiday stress.

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Delegate Party Planning Tasks

I love to host a good party and have definitely missed it over the last few years. However a big contributing factor to added stress during the holiday season is party planning. It can get a little overwhelming, especially if we already have a full schedule. But have no fear... if you want to get back into hosting your holiday party this year, consider asking for some help & delegating! Here are some tips for delegating party planning tasks. PLUS I have included my strategies for Surviving The Holidays and top 100 healthy holiday recipes so you can stay on track with your health this holiday season.

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How Your Diet Impacts Your Emotional Stress

When you start looking at ways to reduce your stress levels, you probably focus on how much work you are doing, what your daily responsibilities are, and whether or not you practice good self-care. These are all very important, but don’t forget about the simplest choices you make every day that could be impacting your stress.

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The Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar

You probably know all about the dangers of refined sugar. It rots your teeth, increases your risk of chronic disease, causes weight gain, and much more. But quitting refined sugar doesn’t just allow you to avoid these adverse effects, it also allows you to enjoy a range of benefits. Today's blog highlights five of the top benefits you can enjoy by quitting refined sugar.

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5 Ways to Use Honey for Your Skin

You know, I'm all about longevity and healthy, beautiful aging. Don't get me wrong, we're all going to age ( we can't stop time ), but darn if I'm going to sit by and let time rob me of my youth. Age is just a number and with nutrition, diet and lifestyle, I can definitely slow down the impact time has on my health and appearance. So... you might love the taste of honey, ( I know I do ) but did you know that it has an astonishing amount of benefits for the skin? It today's blog I share five different ways you can use honey for your skin and on your face to keep your complexion youthful and glowing. I'm ok with embracing my age... doesn't me I have to look my age... let alone act my age :) LOL #longevity #healthyaging

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