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How to Stay Motivated to Maintain Your Health

When you’re motivated to get fit and healthy for a new year, it’s easy to WANT to get to the gym and to change your diet. You’re all in, you’re ready for this. But once your motivation is gone, however, it's easy to fall back into old habits. If you feel your motivation isn’t there, try these tips to motivate you to maintain your good health.

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The Importance of Challenges for Optimal Health

The quest for optimal health is something many people actively pursue. Being at the top of your game mentally and physically requires commitment. It also demands that you embrace your challenges as opportunities for growth. Setting goals is a proactive way to create your own challenges. There is power in goal-setting. Learn more in my lasted article how challenges are essential for mental and physical well-being.


Back To School

Back-To-School is upon us and we are just one week away! Ensuring our kid's are equipped nutritionally can help improve their concentration, focus and learning. In my latest blog post, I discuss the importance of breakfast; lunch and healthy snacks and I share my latest recipe collection, just for kids....


September Reset

Summer will be coming to an end soon. But it's not all bad as September brings some big changes to my family and with back-to-school, it offers an opportunity for everyone to reset. Check out my latest blog full of tips and strategies on how to reset this September! :)


Why I Love My Job

I work with many different clients with many different health concerns and goals.  When I give my recommendations they are my best work for each of my clients.  It is my sincere hope that my clients will embrace what they have learned and put my recommendations into practice with confidence, determination, patience, preparation and flexibility.…

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Reconnect To Ourselves

In early September I wanted to get away for a solo trip to the lake.  Just me in my tent and a lake view.  The trip didn't happen, mother nature brought the temperatures down too low and then life got in the way.  But a friend of mine was excited to hear that I wanted…

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Create Change

Create The Life You Want To Live When I first read those 7 words 5 years ago, it created a change that led me on an incredible journey.  We all face challenges and suffer loss, yet at the same time we all experience joy, laughter and love.  Everyone has their story, and those that know me, know mine…

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