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How to Drink More Water Every Day

Every person needs water because dehydration causes cellular breakdown in the body. The problem isn’t that you don’t understand you need more water, but trying to find time and circumstances to get your daily recommended amount. In my latest blog post, I share some different ways to ensure you get plenty of water every day.

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Ways to Have Healthier Eating Habits

Eating is something that we all have to do obviously. The question is, how healthy are we going to eat in a given day? Are we going to allow this to become something that we focus on as a course of action in our day? Or will we allow it to go by the wayside as we consume ever more fast food and other unhealthy choices? The answer of course is up to each individual. Those who want to have a healthier eating lifestyle should consider the following tips...

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How to Recoup After the Halloween Sugar Binge

Despite the weather and rain, everyone was in good Spirits (pun intended) last night. We dished out and even my kids came together to trick-or-treat. Not many years left for them as they get older, so it was fun to get in another Halloween night with them. But... now that Halloween is over and our homes are loaded with candy, chocolates and chips OH MY, how do we fight those insatiable cravings or better yet, how do we get rid of those cravings all together? In my lasted blog I share some insight on the effect sugar has our on bodies, why we love it so much, and how we can overcome the sugar addiction in just 10 days. Have a Fabulous Friday Everyone!!


Maca Energy Smoothie

Maca is a true nutritional powerhouse. Dried maca roots nutritional content consists of 13-16% protein, 8.5% fiber, 19 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D, minerals iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, several glucosinolates, 20 free fatty acids, and unique compounds called macaenes and macamides. Beyond that, Maca is one of only a handful of foods considered to be an “adaptogen,” or food that raises overall life force energy. Maca is considered to be very beneficial for hormone balancing, endocrine and thyroid function enhancement and even immune system enhancement. Try out this Energy Smoothie and find out where I get my organic, GMO-Free, Fair Trade Maca from. ENJOY!!!

September Reset

Summer will be coming to an end soon. But it's not all bad as September brings some big changes to my family and with back-to-school, it offers an opportunity for everyone to reset. Check out my latest blog full of tips and strategies on how to reset this September! :)


Strawberry Balsamic Spinach Salad

The Delicious Strawberry - These red gems are a great source of vitamin C, folate, fibre and potassium and taste divine in this spinach maple walnut recipe

Infused Water Recipes for Your Cocktails

I got your cocktail menu covered this Canada Day long weekend! We know the secret to any truly great mixed drink is almost always due to the kind of thing that you’re mixing with your alcohol of choice. It can be hard to make a healthy choice though when you’re looking for this magical additive. Check out these 3 infused water mixer recipes. They are so good :)


Infused Water Recipes

Summer is upon us and it's getting hot out there. Infused water can be a really awesome and fun way to get a few nutrients. Another great thing about it, is that your body will love it because actual water is way more hydrating than any of the drinks that are marketed and being great for hydration. Check out these recipes, you'll love them!


The 3-Step Process for Making Infused Water

If you’ve been looking for a healthy drink that you can have anytime of the day that makes you feel healthy and refreshed, then infused water is probably a great option for you. If you’re new to this concept, you might want to know a few things about how it’s done, so this article will be showing you how to make your own infused water.


What Might Be Affecting Your Immune System

Do you have the seasonal cold that is circulating through schools, work places and amongst your friends? There is nothing as frustrating as trying everything you know to do to keep your immune system boosted only to end up getting sick. This may have you wondering what it is that is affecting your immune system from functioning properly. Here are a few of the options you should consider....


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