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Meet Nicole

Welcome!  I’m Nicole.  Allow me to introduce myself and show you how food and nutrition became my passion.

I began my nutrition journey as a result of discovering that food had an impact on my health in both positive and negative ways. Eliminating some foods had a drastic impact on my mental and emotional health.  This really opened my eyes to the role of the food we eat.  I always attributed reactions to food with stomach aches or indigestion but to see my moods change with food, WOW!

Years ago I suffered from anxiety and depression.  With dietary and lifestyle changes, I’m happy to say that I no longer experience them.  Many that know me will tell you I’m outgoing, happy and excited about life.

I also began implementing many of the changes I was making with my children.  Watching my own children flourish has been awe-inspiring.   We see improvements in how they managed stress, their attention span, their grades, their complexions and even their overall emotional well-being.

As an esteemed graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, with years of personal and professional experience, I endeavor to help others feel just as amazing. 

I focus on emotional & mental well-being and hormonal health all while addressing each body system and how they interact with each other.  I work with integrity, respect, compassion, inspiration, & gratitude to provide an exceptional nutritional and wellness journey to educate and empower my clients to reach their goals of vibrant health. I host online programs & live workshops and offer one-on-one coaching with fellow residents & businesses in Newmarket, Aurora and York Region and connect with long distance clients online.

Nicole has been working with my family, in particular my 12 year old son. He was afflicted with radical mood swings, depression, extreme highs and lows and low self esteem. I am so grateful for all the guidance she has provided, I now have my son back, happier than ever!
Clarissa W.
Barrie, ON
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