Healthy Meal Planning

You know DIET & meal planning plays a big part in your life: your health, your mood, your energy, & even your happiness.  If you’re nodding along like “yeah, I know, my diet needs a serious change!” you are in the right place.

Two Great Options, Two Great Benefits

  1. Group Meal Planning Membership!!  This lower-cost option gets you NEW meal plans with nutritionist-approved, delicious, clean, whole-food recipes each and every month to support your health and wellness goals!
  2. Personalized Meal Planning Membership!! YES, the meal planning is SPECIFIC TO YOU to match your nutrient & dietary needs, health goals, and food preferences.

Choose Your Membership

Starting at $27


Meal Plans ( Group & Personalized )

Looking for just a meal planning service to meet your health goals and dietary preferences.  I’m happy to introduce a cost-effective way to access meal planning.  This Meal Planning Membership takes out all the guessing on what to eat and what to buy.  It’s all done for you.

Group Monthly Meal Planning Membership Includes:

  1. Group Meal Plans are delivered monthly
  2. Monthly Meal Plans includes two, 5-day meal plans with shopping lists
  3. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes included (includes photos)

Personalized Monthly Meal Plans Membership Includes:

  1. Detailed online Intake Questionnaire to assess your needs, health and food and eating preferences
  2. Online monthly questionnaires to create your next month’s plan based on updated needs and goals
  3. Personalized Meal Plans are delivered monthly
  4. Monthly Meal Plans includes two weekly meal plans with shopping lists
  5. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes included (includes photos)


  1. A 15% discount on all your supplement and superfood purchases *active memberships
  2. Hair Repair Assessment with Personalized Recommendations

Because if you’ve been suffering from poor health and struggling in life, you’d know.

You’d be dealing with any of these bothersome symptoms

  1. No energy (fatigue, weakness)
  2. Weight gain, obesity, or difficulty losing weight
  3. Trouble sleeping (disrupted, insomnia)
  4. Dull skin (dry, rough, aging, acne, rashes)
  5. Hair loss (dry, brittle, dull )
  6. Brain fog (poor concentration & memory)
  7. Risk of heart disease (high BP, high cholesterol)
  8. Poor digestion (gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhea)
  9. Blood sugar imbalance (insulin resistance, diabetes)
  10. Sensitivities & intolerances (food, environment)
  11. Frequent headaches or migraines
  12. Mood swings, feeling blue, depression
  13. Stressed out (anxiety, irritability, out of control)
  14. Diminished libido
  15. Aches & pains (stiff, sore, reduced mobility)
  16. Hormonal imbalances (PMS, perimenopause, menopause)

Let’s get down to it

because here is the fact… The disease is any failure of normal physiological function that leads to negative symptoms.

Your body systems work together to maintain balance. While the disease is often a result of infection or injury, most diseases involve the disruption of normal homeostasis. If that beautiful balance is shifted or disrupted and homeostasis cannot be maintained, the results may not allow for normal body function. Negative symptoms begin to present and if not addressed a disease or disorder may result.

One of the main causes of homeostasis imbalances is YOUR Lifestyle. We are talking about Nutrition, Physical Activity & Mental Health.

YUP!! It’s time to make some much-needed changes. Let’s start cleaning up your lifestyle & elevate your meal planning.