Reset Program – Back On Track

Get Back On Track This Fall

Reset Routine! Boost Energy! Manage Weight! Feel Your Best!

Following a healthy, whole-food diet has been shown to have several associated health benefits including decreased inflammation, improved nutrient intake, and even weight loss.  This program is grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, & sugar-free with a focus on consuming healthy fats, high-quality protein with carbohydrates from whole, high-fiber, plant-based foods.

Your online program includes:

  1. Access to Nicole’s Online App (Apple & Android compatible)
  2. 28 Day Meal Plan with shopping lists
  3. 46 Healthy, delicious, & easy-to-follow recipes
  4. 28 Days of Guidance – Daily messages to keep you on track & accountable
  5. Easy lists to know what to include and avoid to increase adherence
  6. Easy, real-time self-tracking of sleep, elimination, weight, waist, meditation, & fluids
  7. Weekly progress reports to monitor your success & keep you motivated
  8. Key Supplements to support health & vitality & take the program to the next level

This Program & Special Price is Only Available Until Oct 31 – Register Today

  • Available as a 28 Day Online Self Study Program
  • If you require 1:1 Support, please book a Coaching Package



28-Day Back On Track – September Reset Program

Let’s Get Back On Track this Autumn Reset Program

Following a healthy meal plan/diet can have several associated health benefits including decreased inflammation, improved nutrient intake, and even weight loss.  This specialized program also helps eliminate common inflammatory response triggers and can help reduce inflammation, promote gut healing, support immunity and help improve symptoms.

What is the Reset Program?

This omnivore meal plan includes clean animal proteins, nuts and vegetables without processed foods. All grains, dairy and legumes excluded. Meal plans average 85 grams of protein per day.  It includes plenty of vegetables, mostly non-starchy – so all the green, red, orange, and yellow ones – and fruit in moderation. It includes unprocessed meat, the wilder the better, eggs, nuts and seeds, seafood, and fish. There is an emphasis on eating as locally and seasonally as possible, cooking your own food, and being highly physically active.

Benefits of a healthy eating program can include:

  1. Promotes healthy blood glucose
  2. Improved insulin sensitivity
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Weight management including reduced waist circumference
  5. Improved cholesterol balance
  6. Improved satiety
  7. Reduce inflammation
  8. Promote gut healing
  9. Help improve autoimmune-related symptoms

Here is What People Are Saying about the Program

“Nicole asked me to take part in the Back On Track Program for the September Launch.  Wow, I’m so glad I did.  Although a new program, and I’m pretty sure it’s just for this season, the detail that has gone into the recipes and plan had me fully engaged for all 28 days.  I was a healthy eater before, but I was still amazed on how I benefited from this meal plan, yet again.  I lost those 10 lbs. that were just sitting on my hips, finally.  After a fun filled summer, I feel so vital and refreshed after following this meal plan.  This program is priced right (not enough for the quality if you ask me), and you can’t lose… JUST DO IT.  Working with Nicole has turned my health, and life around.  I can’t thank her enough!”  Sue, Newmarket, ON

*this is not a treatment for any diseases and results may vary

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