Cut The Sugar Program

Cut The Sugar Program

28 Day program to help reduce your sugar intake without deprivation.

Many people consume a lot of sugar, which leads to many health issues like digestive issues, pre-diabetes, Type II diabetes, inflammatory issues, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular issues, lower immunity, skin issues… to name a few.   This program equips you with the tools necessary to switch to a low-sugar diet to alleviate the stress sugar is having on your health.  Recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free. Meal plans average 1720 calories and 30 grams of sugar per day.

Your online program includes:

  1. Access to Nicole’s Online App (Apple & Android)
  2. 28 Day Meal Plan with shopping lists
  3. 34 Recipes that are low-glycemic, dairy-free & gluten-free with a vegetarian option
  4. 28 Days of Guidance – Daily messages to keep you on track & accountable
  5. Easy lists to know what to include and avoid to increase adherence
  6. Easy, real-time self-tracking of sleep, elimination, weight, waist, meditation, & fluids
  7. Weekly progress reports to monitor your success & keep you motivated
  8. Key Supplements to support health & vitality & take the program to the next level!

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  • Available as a 28 Day Online Self Study Program
  • If you require 1:1 Support, please book a Coaching Package



Low Sugar Program

This low-sugar program is here to help you get through a successful sugar detox!

We know that sugar is bad – but did you know that it can affect your mood, your self-esteem, your skin and so much more?

Yes, you probably already knew this. So why is it so hard to let go of our sugar cravings?

What you need is a powerful solution that will help you cut your sugar cravings loose and say goodbye to debilitating decisions.

Time to get more energy and lose the pounds that have been haunting you for so long!

You NOW have the tools that will give you the power to make amazing decisions for your body and your soul. I created a program that addressed all the possible obstacles you may have: From amazing support to delicious recipes that you can cook with ease – finally, a program that is not heavy on fluff and gives you ALL of the tools you need.

Sugar is Detrimental to your Body & Spirit

Are you ready to get control back in your life?!

This meal plan will help you balance your blood glucose, lose those clingy pounds, have fewer mood swings, get that glowing skin – skip the blemishes and the lackluster skin!

Signs You May Need to Cut Out The Sugar

  1. Crave sweets after each meal.
  2. Feel tired and sluggish throughout the day.
  3. Prone to breakouts or eczema.
  4. Allergies or get congested for no reason.
  5. Bloated, have gas or indigestion after meals.
  6. Trouble concentrating, focusing on tasks, and are often irritable.
  7. Your skin looks dull and do you have dark circles under your eyes.

If You Want To:

  1. Look & Feel Amazing
  2. Have Sufficient Energy to be able to do the things you love.
  3. Lose weight
  4. Have glowing skin
  5. Fit your favorite clothes
  6. And find confidence and empowerment when you make the right decisions that improve your health and also your self-esteem.

You Deserve to be Healthy & Happy


  1. feelings of deprivation
  2. tired afternoons
  3. fogginess
  4. diets that give you no results
  5. stubborn pounds.

Health Benefits in Just Ten Days*

  1. Decreased diastolic blood pressure
  2. Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol
  3. Improved fasting blood sugar levels
  4. Improved insulin levels
  5. Decreased triglyceride levels

YES, it only takes 10 Days…

Sugar is everywhere and anywhere, and its effects on our brain chemistry are so powerful, that breaking free of its grip can be enormously difficult.  But here’s some motivation: As soon as you quit sugar, your health can improve rapidly.  In fact, it takes just ten days without sugar to see substantial metabolic and neurological improvement according to a study published in the journal Obesity, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.  During the study, after only 10 days, they found that not only did the group lose weight and decrease their blood sugar and blood pressure; they also experienced a 62 percent reduction in all symptoms from all diseases in just 10 days. **

What Can You Achieve by Eliminating Sugar

  1. Improved Digestion
  2. Increased Metabolism
  3. Reduced Cravings
  4. Increased Energy & Vitality
  5. Improved Sleep
  6. Better Hormone Balance
  7. Improved Emotional Well-Being
  8. Better Blood Sugar Balance
  9. Increased Libido
    … and so much more!


Here is What People Are Saying about the Cut The Sugar Program

“WOW, I can’t believe I kicked my sugar addiction in just 28 days.  Can I tell you how awesome I am feeling?!  Everything you want to know about sugar, sweeteners and how to live a sugar-free lifestyle is all in this easy program.  The best part, I don’t even miss it.  I am over the addiction.  My doctor says my insulin levels are back to normal and I am no longer pre-diabetic.  Plus I am sleeping better, have a ton of energy, my partner says my moods are more stable and you know what…. food just tastes SO MUCH BETTER.  This program is just 28 days, DO IT!!   Sam Aurora, ON


“I always thought I should go low fat to lose weight.  When I did this program, before I knew it, the weight was coming off naturally.  I am happy to say that this easy lifestyle change and in just a few months I am down to my ideal weight, I have a ton of energy and I am no longer binge eating or craving sweets and bread.  This program helped to identify all those hidden sugars which were eye-opening for me.  I love the 28-day program.  Thank you, Nicole, I can’t thank you enough!”​  Michelle. Holland Landing, ON


*this is not a treatment for any diseases and results may vary

** Lustig RH, Mulligan K Noworolsi SM et al. Isocaloric fructose restriction and metabolic improvement in children with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2016 Feb;24(2): 452-60

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