Cherry Pie Smoothie

When some people think of smoothies, they think, “YUCK!” They think it’s a bunch of gross, bland, mushed-up veggies in a blender. Believe me, my first attempt at making my own smoothie was pretty memorable. After learning not only about which foods should be going into smoothies but also how to properly combine them for nutrients and taste, I found that I LOVE smoothies!!!! You can love smoothies, too! I have a ton of recipes, including this Cherry Pie Smoothie that’ll turn your bad impression of smoothies into a love affair like no other. Enjoy!!

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Cherry Chocolate Recipe Treat

Surviving the holidays can be challenging, especially when we tend to indulge more than usual and with the added stress of the season, it can definitely take its toll on our health. Healthy can treats lessen the burden on our health. This pudding will satisfy any chocolate lover's cravings. Enjoy the holidays, guilt-free.

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