We Are What We Eat

Why question my diet and food choices?

Many people ask, why should I question my diet and food choices?  Growing up, I had trust in my parents to provide with me shelter, food & love.  It never occurred to me to question what I was being fed.  Throughout my young adult life I could honestly testify that my diet was good.  Why would it not be?  I was eating the same things as everyone else.

food choicesA hamburger from a fast food chain seemed like a sensible choice with beef, lettuce and tomato with potato fries.   Advertisements would tell me the thirst quenching benefits of soda and the hydration benefits of sports drinks.  Low fat, no trans fats, & no cholesterol products gave me the sense that I was making healthy choices.  As a moderized society, we have built up a system to enable the population to purchase a wide variety of foods from convenient grocery stores.  Why distrust this system and the food it provides that is designed to feed, sustain and keep us alive?  I had no reason to stop and question the food I was eating.

What impact does food have on our health?

In 2013 my work colleagues invited me to participate in a challenge to remove a certain food from my diet.  At first I was sceptical at the “fad” and wondered how it had anything to do with my overall health. For team spirit and curiosity, I accepted the challenge.  With this one modification to my diet I was actually feeling healthier but more surprisingly, happier.  This led me to start looking at food in a different way.  It was an epiphany.  All of sudden I began to ask the question, can food have a negative impact on my health?

Passion to Professional

CSNNThat one small change led to me to make more small changes to my diet.  Seeing the improvements in how I was feeling was enlightening and empowering.   Food soon became my biggest hobby.  After many hours of research, I realized I wanted to bring about more change, not only in my own life, but those around me.  In 2014 I enrolled in Natural Nutrition Diploma Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I am now an esteemed graduate and Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a sincere passion to bring about vibrant health and happiness to everyone around me.

Question Everything

If you are questioning anything about your health and how you feel, we need to speak.  What my clients learn right from day one is that they don’t have to accept that being unwell is a normal part of life.  For example, if you are feeling tired all the time, this doesn’t have to be accepted as “I’m just getting older”.  Painful menses shouldn’t be accepted as “this is just the way it is for us girls”.  Suffering through debilitating migraines is unfortunately accepted as “just my weekly routine.”  What is causing these symptoms?  You can also ask, what is causing your high blood pressure?  How did you become diabetic?  Before gallbladder removal, let’s ask the question, why are there gall stones?

I highly respect our medical system; it is in place to keep us alive and we have many amazing and talented medical professionals.  I have entrusted our medical system many times, including the successful closure of holes in my heart in 2012 at Toronto General Hospital.  What I am asking is, can we question our health and food supply?  Can we ask WHY we have these symptoms in the first place?  Can we delve deeper to find out what the cause of these symptoms might be?  I truly believe “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”.  We absolutely do have the ability to change the way we feel through our food and lifestyle choices and I would love to share these strategies with you.

Why work with Nicole

nutritionist Nicole CambaMy interest is you.  I am here for you.  My training and experience, I want to share it with you.  Why?  I wake up every day happy, excited and passionate about life.  I want to see everyone have the opportunity to experience this.   My health and that of my family, along with my clients have all improved.  I watch my children flourish and succeed with diet and lifestyle changes.  Eating the right foods enables my kids to tackle the challenges of growing, learning, and adolescence in a more balanced and healthy body.

By improving our diet with eating foods to support our bodies and avoiding foods that harm them, we can make a positive change in how we feel.   Living with your symptoms doesn’t have to be the way of life.  I wholeheartedly invite you to educate and empower yourselves as we work together to reach your goals of vibrant health.

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