Participate in Activities Without Screens

Participate in Activities Without Screens

Have you ever looked around you and noticed exactly how many people are practically glued to their electronic devices & screens? That sight has become common today, and there are few signs of it letting up.  What about the world that existed before phones, computers and tablets? There are still a ton of fun things to do that don’t require you to have an internet connection.  Lots of them are things you can do without even leaving your own home.


Virtual crafting of objects has become relatively popular in recent years, but the old pastime of crafting hasn’t vanished. When you or your children can physically hold something in their hands, it’s very different from looking at something on a screen. A craft like paper mache is easy, extremely inexpensive and can create objects that last for years. All you need is some paper strips and/or paper pulp, some paste which you can make out of material you find in your kitchen. ( water, flour, and salt.)  When finished, you have a possible art project that you may be able to hang in the house for years to come.  This is by far much more fun and exciting than something digital that no one can touch, and can only be shown on a screen.

Board Games

Board games have been a part of culture for hundreds of years. They challenge the mind by engaging strategy, special reasoning, and a multitude of other faculties. These games are a great way to spend time and use your mind with friends and family. During game play, you can all look directly into the faces of your rivals, as each of you make plans for the domination of the game board.


If you’re looking for something more physical, the act of going out to dance can be a great option. When you go out to dance, you’re getting great exercise, and interacting directly with other people who are all looking for a fun night. You can go with friends or a significant other to have a fun shared experience. When the music starts and you want to move in sync with that person you’re focused on, you probably won’t be thinking about what is happening on social media. That is why dancing is one of the oldest activities known to people.

Jigsaw Puzzles

We get a new puzzle at least once a month.  We typically  finish it within 24-48 hours For me, puzzles are a way to clear my mind, similar to meditating.  This is a great family activity that brings calmness, immediate gratification when you find a piece that fits, and very little competition. (unless you are fighting over who puts in the last piece.)

Turn Off Your Screens

Statistics show that adults spend an average of 11 hours per day looking at screens. That  includes computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, and gaming.

All of those hours may be causing damage to the regions of the brain that control emotions, attention, decision making, and cognitive control.  Phone use has also been linked to teen anxiety.  A study in the journal Child Development shows nighttime usage of a cell phone can increase anxiety and depression in teenagers and reduce self-esteem.

Get away from your phone and other electronics for at least a little while every day – particularly if you are setting an example for a young person whose brain is still developing.

Nicole Camba

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