Reconnect To Ourselves

In early September I wanted to get away for a solo trip to the lake.  Just me in my tent and a lake view.  The trip didn’t happen, mother nature brought the temperatures down too low and then life got in the way.  But a friend of mine was excited to hear that I wanted to do this trip and wanted to join me.  A girls weekend away would have been a lot of fun but we put it on the back burner.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with another friend about the dream of getting some amazing women together for a weekend getaway (in a cottage as opposed to a tent) to connect with ourselves and just be women and have fun.  Her hand went up and she said, “I’m in!”

So with “Project Me” in the works, it may very well incorporate a woman’s weekend retreat.  As women we need time to reconnect to ourselves as women.  We are not just moms and wives.  A weekend of women coming together and finding our soul sisters.  Cook with one another to eat good food, be silly and laugh at ourselves, break down and cry on each other’s shoulders and leave feeling lightened and refreshed with a new set of best friends.

“Project Me” is really close to my heart, and I can’t wait to share it with you when it is released.  So as I keep planning and working on the protect, I will be looking for an intimate group of woman who want to get out from their everyday to reconnect to themselves and have a wicked awesome weekend away.  Shall we go to Muskoka?

Nicole Camba

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