September Reset

September Reset

I love summers, and this summer was no exception, with hot weather, a few extra sleep-in days, no packing school lunches, long weekends, my birthday, and 17 glorious days on the waters of Georgian Bay, it was an EPIC summer :). It is almost hard to believe it is coming to an end already and yet every September I embrace the autumn, the reset for a fresh start and the joys this season brings.

Here are my September Reset Tips:

Organization: The last two weeks of August the family starts getting organizing. All drawers and closets will be cleared out of old clothes and toys so my kids have a clear and uncluttered rooms to keep them relaxed and focused when back in school. The large monthly calendar is up on the fridge and ready to manage our days.

Back in the Kitchen: My kitchen is getting thoroughly cleaned and reorganized now that meal times need to be more structured. Yes, even though I’m a nutritionist, I appreciate the lighter summer schedule.  September I will be back in the kitchen cooking up more delicious meals and treats!  Watch my blog for updates 🙂

Meal Planning:  Creating weekly shopping lists and weekly meal planning will save my family time, money and energy.  If you are looking for some help meal planning and food prep for your family, I can create a personalized meal plan, designed to suite your dietary and lifestyle needs of you family.

Dietary Reset:  Even my own dietary habits will go through a reset this September.  And why not, my tastes have changed, my body has changed, and I just came off the best summer vacay ever.  A reboot will definitely do my body some good.  My Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well program is designed just for that. In 21 days you will learn how to eat and live clean to nourish your body to support optimal health.  Check out my Eat Well program and start your reset today!

Journaling: I have been journaling for some time and so have my kids.   If you have had the opportunity to journal, you would agree that it is extremely therapeutic. Opening up this avenue for my kids to express and release their thoughts and emotions a few years ago has proved incredibly beneficial to their emotional well-being.  My son allowed me to read some of his entries and I have to say, it opened my eyes to how he reacts to certain situations and how he processes his emotions. Things he wrote he never expressed verbally which tells me that many of his thoughts and emotions are bottled up inside.  Journaling gives us all the opportunity  to work through our troubles and celebrate our joys!

Fitness: With everyone back to routine so will my fitness regimen. With a path just outside my front door, a morning walk in the fresh autumn air will do me good.  Our bodies flourish when out in the sun and fresh air.  I’m looking forward to may Fall hikes, especially with my bestie 🙂 

Business: Business plan for 2020 is in the making!  September gives me 4 months to set up my goals for the new year.  Maybe I’m doing my New Year’s resolutions early, but preparing for the things I want to achieve next year, now, will get me so much further ahead.  I have already set up multiple brainstorming sessions with my colleagues, it’s going to be a busy September.

Family Time:  What I learned most about 2019, was that I was burning the candle at both ends.  I look back on the last few years and wonder, when did the kids grow up so fast.  Admittedly, I am a bit of a workaholic.  Put me down at my computer and minutes turn into hours and before I know it, the day has flown by.  I have been blessed to have had a lot of time-off this summer, which I am grateful that I was able to do that.  My September reset will ensure that my work is done during ‘work hours’ so I can go back to having quality family time with my kids. 

Me Time:  Yup, if you already guessed it, this isn’t always a priority for me.  So September lets me refocus on how important I am.  Weather it’s reading a good book, having coffee with a friend, going to the gym, going to bed early, listening to music… time needs to be set aside for me.  Self-care isn’t easy, I get it.  But like anything, if we schedule it, we can usually fit it in.  Look after yourself this September and if you need some help, my Eat Well, Live Well & Be Well Program has a fabulous lifestyle component that will be sure to help you check-in with your emotional well-being and help you de-stress.

So basically organization, time management, planning and empowering is my strategy this September. Although I love the heat and I am sad that summer is coming to an end, I am looking forward to autumn. Bring on the autumn smells and colours, warm comfy sweaters, the fresh cool air and the start of some amazing soups, apple and pumpkin pies and camping for Thanksgiving! Get excited and empowered as we switch seasons!

Nicole Camba

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